Friday, October 6, 2017

Sports: Little League Baseball action shots.

This little man is adorable and the kindest of heart. Watching him play, I saw a little pro in him. He made some amazing catches and throws to bases. His eyes were on the field and what was happening the whole time. He's a dang good player! He totally deserves some amazing photos while he's at his favorite pastime. Baseball.

We start with a classic view. Through the fence which gives the image a little extra flare at the edges. In black and white, wow it took my breath away.

Into action!

He watches and cheers on his team mates from the pit as he waits his turn to bat.

Or go with color.

That exciting moment. Waiting for the hit for the run into home plate.

One of his favorite images. What kid doesn't want to see himself slide across home?!

I think he looks like a little pro baseball player!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sunset through the Window

This image was an experiment for me. It's hard to catch what you want to see in the lens sometimes.

I have a metal dream catcher with wolves on a landscape that hangs at my window. I love the view through it, especially at sunset. I worked to darken out most of everything in the picture on purpose. I didn't want to see other colors other than the setting sun through the dream catcher. So no flash was used.

To me the setting sun and the array around it remind me of sands. But most, I love that the wolf in the background (it's smaller) is howling at the moon. The setting sun seems to fit the mood for me.

It's not the best art and I still have to practice to get better at this, but I still love the feel and look. Maybe one day I'll catch a setting sun with more vibrant colors in this dream catcher.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Twin Lakes (2)

I wanted to get the remainder of the Twin Lakes Heritage Festival pictures up, so here they are.

There was a tent with many exotic birds. In talking with the gentleman I learned these birds were all rescues. People who bought the birds and didn't know or understand the care that goes with them (not judging!), birds that out lived their owners (which they do have long lives), or birds that really were in a bad home. They were all stunning! All the colors! And they sat on their perches waiting for show time.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a few pictures. I DID turn my flash off for the birds. I didn't want to spook or shock them with the bright light.

This lovely young lady was an amazing talent to see. Or, I should say, hear. She played her violin for hours this day. Every time we walked by, she was playing a different song. They had a speaker plugged in to her violin so all could hear as you were walking near.


She is a student that has participated with other young musicians to create the band that put out CD's of many songs. The songs on the CD's range from classical to Christmas to popular music. There are no words, but with the orchestra that's playing this music, you don't need them. I did pick up all four CD's. I couldn't pass it up. Listening to this young lady play sold me.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Lavender Sunset

I always enjoy the different colors that pop on sunsets. They can be so beautiful yet so different every night. These images are from one evening where pinks and purples are present. I did play with them to bring out the colors a bit more, something new to try with Lightroom. They become more dramatic in appearance, and I love it!

First up is Lavender Sunset. It's simple and the colors are enhanced to enjoy the colors present.

This is one of my favorites when I saw it on the screen. I didn't do much to the colors, honest. I loved the aged apple still on the branch (yes, it really was. This tree is in my back yard.) I always think of the Evil Queen from Disney going and picking an apple off this tree. This tree has a rough bark and the apples always age and stay on the tree longer. The hues of the sky behind the sharp detail of the tree and apple gave me a foreboding feeling. It made me think trouble is brewing. Maybe the queen is nearing to pick the apple to spell and give to snow white...

This is the full view of the sunset and apple. It doesn't have the dramatic feel to it when you see the sun. This image feels more relaxing, like I'm sitting in the woods, relaxing as the sun sets. It's a picture I enjoy, with all the colors present. Night is nearing and the queen may arrive...

Sunsets are fun to play with. There is so much color and ways to highlight them. Hope you enjoy the colors as well. Do you get a feel from these pictures like I did?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I'm new to and loving Adobe Lightroom

My photography has taken a step forward recently. I'm starting to take portraits and more. So I started fiddling with a photo program on my laptop. It's not the worlds greatest of programs but it gave me a feel for playing with contrast, lighting, and colors. I liked what I was seeing but wanted more. The next step was making the dive to Photoshop for $10 a month (estimated). 

And I'm thrilled I made the leap!

Since football season has started, I'm going to use one of my son as an example.

This photo is the original, straight from the camera. I like it, but it has a bit of a dull look to it. The reds aren't as vibrant as they should be and the grass looks flat as well. The sun was so bright that day that even with the filter lens everything still looked washed out.
The photo could be better. At least in my mind. I love the action in it and want it to be eye catching as well.

So I opened it in Adobe Lightroom, which I'm still learning. I brightened. I clarified. I sharpened. I cropped. I had a blast learning how to touch up different colors (look at that grass!). And this is what I ended up with.
I was pleased with the results. I'm not one to over do everything. I want to keep the original essence of the image, the heart that I caught in the lens. But I want the colors to look true. And this is what I get to see now.

So I grabbed the next photo that I fell in love with:
Yes, it's touched up already. Something drew me to capture this when the guys were running. I'm so glad I listened to that voice in my head. I love the lines and the view of all the boys (I say boys, they are young men as it's a college team) in sync. The candid shot that is so true to a football feel.

So, I'm still learning Adobe Lightroom. I'm making my way with learning the different elements of a picture and what I can touch up and how. It's just an experiment for me at this time. I keep trying different degrees. Which I'll continue to do.

Do you have any suggestions?

Monday, September 4, 2017


Every generation has that group of talented kids in it. Talented with words, music, instruments, video, and more. Or so I feel. I remember who those amazing people where when I went to high school. Last week I believe I saw one of the next generations talents live when at another great TGIS at The Palace Theatre in Greensburg with my son. I always enjoy myself at these concerts, and they are free. (Heck yeah!)

This one was different for me. First I went with my son and we enjoyed the music. The music was amazing! First, it was MY kind of music, which kids still listen to and play! Crazy right!?! lol. My son loved the music as well. But it was also memorable for him because he went to school with these kids.

Like I mentioned in the first sentence. I do feel each generation has that amazingly talented group of kids we all remember. We all hope they go on to great things. Well, I think Kaelber is one of those groups. Wow! They are so young and so dang talented! It's amazing to watch and listen to them.

They have a rock and metal blend to their sound, something that is sweet to my ears. Want to check them out? They have a website with videos! They also have CD singles out too!


They had a lead singer from another local band join them for one song, Mary Jane's Last Dance. Then Kaelber's lead guitarist/singer went into an amazing guitar solo at the end! WOW!

 Pogo sticking...with guitar in hand! Killer skills!

This is one group I would love to go see again. Pictures can't share how great the music was, and it was great. They have their own music along with playing the hits I enjoy. Great blend!