Sunday, August 7, 2016

People: Confluence 2016

I have been working at taking my camera with me when I go places. It's something I don't normally do with worrying about it getting bumped or broken. I really treasure my camera. But, also, it's meant for taking pictures and if I don't take it, I don't get the pictures. So I'm trying to use it more and more.

These are pictures I took while at a Science Fiction/Fantasy book convention call Confluence. It's close to my home so I'm able to get there for one day. I took pictures of a few panels I went to listen to along with some individual images on panels and in the dealer room. I did my best to get a few pictures of the beer tasting portion of the evening as well, however that was evening and lighting was limited in the room.

A few of the pictures I played with different settings to get a different look and feel, so those touched up pictures follow the original.

These last three pictures of beers were done with my cell phone. They are ones I wanted to remember. ;)


  1. Thanks for posting the pics! It was great seeing you!

    1. Sure thing Danielle. I had a great time at Confluence this year. We are planning on returning every year that we can. :) It was great seeing you too! Hope you liked the pictures. :) Thank you!