Monday, September 4, 2017


Every generation has that group of talented kids in it. Talented with words, music, instruments, video, and more. Or so I feel. I remember who those amazing people where when I went to high school. Last week I believe I saw one of the next generations talents live when at another great TGIS at The Palace Theatre in Greensburg with my son. I always enjoy myself at these concerts, and they are free. (Heck yeah!)

This one was different for me. First I went with my son and we enjoyed the music. The music was amazing! First, it was MY kind of music, which kids still listen to and play! Crazy right!?! lol. My son loved the music as well. But it was also memorable for him because he went to school with these kids.

Like I mentioned in the first sentence. I do feel each generation has that amazingly talented group of kids we all remember. We all hope they go on to great things. Well, I think Kaelber is one of those groups. Wow! They are so young and so dang talented! It's amazing to watch and listen to them.

They have a rock and metal blend to their sound, something that is sweet to my ears. Want to check them out? They have a website with videos! They also have CD singles out too!


They had a lead singer from another local band join them for one song, Mary Jane's Last Dance. Then Kaelber's lead guitarist/singer went into an amazing guitar solo at the end! WOW!

 Pogo sticking...with guitar in hand! Killer skills!

This is one group I would love to go see again. Pictures can't share how great the music was, and it was great. They have their own music along with playing the hits I enjoy. Great blend!

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