Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Local Art Museum

I visited our local art museum over the summer: The Westmoreland Museum of American Art. They have a free admission day on the first Sunday of each month. So, since I'd never been there (hard to believe as lived her for like ever) I decided to go, and took a few others with me.

This photo is from the inside of the museum out to the front. You can see a part of the museum there on the left that runs out toward the parking lot. But their front garden and walkway is beautiful.

There is a nice sitting area outside the museum where you can relax and enjoy the view.

(below is one of my favorite pictures of the outside with table)

I was having fun taking pictures up the walkways and the front of the museum. It gave a different feel depending on the direction you looked.

(below is my favorite image of the outside of the museum.)

Now, lets get inside! There were some beautiful artworks to be found here.

Aah. I enjoyed this one. The kids with their heads tilted the same admiring The Thomas Lynch Tiffany Window. For some reason this image brings a smile to my lips.

The walls of different paintings. They really are amazing. These are walls you could stare at for hours.

I found this piece of furniture attracting. This is a Federal Pianoforte c. 1830

These pieces of furniture looked inviting to me with the art work around them.

The museum has drawers of these documents. I was intrigued by the calligraphy and art on them.

Then we got to the fun interaction rooms for the kids. This was fun watching them.

That was our visit to our local museum. It's a small museum, but we enjoyed what we saw. Have you visited your nearest museum?