Friday, July 8, 2016


I want to welcome you to Spellbound in a Flash. Welcome!! And let you know what you'll find here.

Not only do I enjoy reading and creating worlds in words but I also enjoy taking pictures of our world. The world of people, nature, and more. I've been tossing the idea of a photo blog around for a while now, probably about a year or so.

The hobby of photography came about with my son. As he grew I started taking pictures, like many caring parents. But then he started sports and I wanted a "better" camera to catch those long shots on film. My loving husband gave me the best Christmas gift I could ask for. An amazing digital camera to catch those shots I was missing.

I've been capturing those moments for years now. I LOVE action shots with kiddo and our pets. But the hobby has grown to more than that. The other kids on the team wanted their picture too, several kids. So I was snapping away at football games and practices. I've taken family pictures for friends and family along with wedding pictures too. It's really expanding and I want to keep going with what has started to evolve.

I've finally had a creative flash with a title for the blog. So now it's time to get to working at sharing.

So, what will I post? Basically, pictures. I'll try to post a frame or two once a week (probably on weekends) from my catalog of photographs. I'll also share new images as I want to get out and about more and take recent pictures of the cities and nature around me. I'm wanting to experiment with different lighting and scenery and nature shots, getting to know my camera better and share my results here.

What will the pictures be of? About anything from family to pets, nature and landscapes. Anything is fair game. I plan to update the blog with labels of the posts shared for easier access.

I hope you enjoy all I have to share with you!

Now, it's time to become spellbound in a flash...

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