Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Christmas Fun

A dear friend and I try to go to a local Christmas light view each year. This year we made it. We went to Overly's. Overly's is at a local fairgrounds where the money earned benefits charity. It's a great time together for us. There are horse carriage rides and a little store open to shop in. They also have a food booth open that sells hot chocolate (coffee and food too). We always get the hot chocolate and go sit by the bonfire. Though I didn't get pictures by the fire because it was surrounded rather tightly by people and you couldn't see it. There's a small trailer that has Santa Claus for the kids and a small path to walk by a few goats, mule, and a few other animals.

I think it's more the time together for us than the sights. But I have a few images for you.

They had a metal snowman project on display.

The boys rode on the small train for the young kids. And they had fun! Look at those smiles.

 Pictures at the boards, pretending to be train engineers and train.

When they were both the engineer they were much happier!

And being snowmen (and snow-woman).

Another view of the metal snowmen.

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