Thursday, July 21, 2016

One Picture, Several views.

I've recently started playing with images and coloring in a computer program. I'm still one that enjoys the original looks to photos, but it's new to me so I'm still mesmerized with the different looks. And with that, thought it would be something to share with you.

The image I was playing with was a bouquet of stargazer lilies I had taken a while back. (They are one of my favorite flowers.) I took a few different pictures but figured this one would work best for seeing the difference with the petals in different filters and adjustments.

We'll start with the original image so you have something to compare to:

Adjust hue, contrast, & brightness:
I played with the hue, contrast, and brightness to give the flowers a purple cast. (A favorite color of mine) But I was surprised at how much I could adjust the petal color.

Now lets get to different filters.

Filter - Dark Strokes:
I think this is one of my favorite filters with these flowers. It darkens and shadows the background but keeps the color of the petals crisp with a darkness to them as well.

Filter - Distortion - Diffuse Glow:
Ah. This image reminded me of a soft edging and glow to everything. Fuzzy in a way. If only it could glow in the dark...

Filter - Film Grain:
This one caught my eye because all is the same yet there is a soft feel to the petals.

Filter - Fresco:
I think this is the next best thing to the Dark Strokes filter. It's not as harsh in the darkness yet the feel is still there. Another favorite.

Gradient Map - Copper:
And, of course, because I can. It's completely out of the ordinary but gives such a different look to the image. Not one I would normally pick, but with playing around, I had to share it.

So many pictures go with the gray look, so thought I'd try it as well. It's hard to pick the petals from the background, but they are there. I do think this arrangement looks better with color though.

There are so many different things you can do to images with programs now. These are the drastic changes, some are slight differences to touch up the photos (which is more what I prefer if I use anything).

I guess it all depends on your preference and what look you are going for.

Do you have a favorite extreme here? Let me know!

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