Monday, July 11, 2016

Action Shots 1: In the Air...

As I mentioned in my welcome post, I LOVE action shots. This is something I've done for the last few years with track and football, and even more events with the family. So today, I'm going to share an untouched photos of the high jump from 2013. It's like watching a slow movie with the slides.

Action shots can be a struggle to take. I've taken many that are out of focus as the camera picked a different spot than I to focus on. It happens when moving quick. But the more I took, the better I got at knowing what focal point is picked on my camera and ready for that spellbinding moment. (Yes, I'm that person with the camera glued to my eye at events, waiting.)

I have many photos just like these. These pictures are from before I knew of different programs to touch them up and fade out the backgrounds. But, I like the background as it gives the feel of the whole essence of the time and event.

One thing I'll probably repeat through out this blog on posts is something I've learned is extremely important: 
   NEVER stop clicking. You never know what you'll get in those moments after the first shoot you are looking for. Sometimes, those are the pictures I love most as they are the raw moments that speak the loudest words.

How do you feel about action shots? Love them or struggle with them?

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